Saturday, December 4, 2010

Urban Farming

Lately I've become obsessed with the idea of urban farming. I feel very priviliged to live in London and have such a great, green backyard. Last summer I planted a number of herbs and grew some rocket, but I would absolutely love to have a large vegetable garden growing one day. A chicken or two running aroud would be even better - fresh eggs in the mornings! It's so important that we begin re-thinking how we acquire our food. The more I pay attention to origin listings at the grocery store, the more I worry about my carbon footprint simply from trying to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Asparagus from Spain, rasberries from California, spinach from Morocco? Each time I fill my basket, it seems there is less and less that has been grown at home in the UK. Of course, like anyone, I am used to being able to purchase just about anything at any time of year because of this, but would it really be so bad if you were only able to eat what was in season? I think we would manage. Recently, Tom Selby of paid a visit to New Yorker, Annie Novak - an urban farmer based in Brooklyn. It's so refreshing to see cool, young, urban people putting their green thumbs to good use by combining two different lifestyles. Check out the full feature by clicking HERE.

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