Saturday, October 30, 2010


Even though I was in dire need of some salt and pepper shakers when we moved into our current flat last winter, I obviously would not settle for a generic, cheap design from my local department store. I held out for ages until I found this cute little pair sitting in one of my favourite charity shops in Chiswick. Hand-painted and so sweet, I love them! x

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cherries, Lemons & Limes - Oh My!

Gosh, my kitchen is so au courant! In case you have yet to check out the SS11 shows, a big trend for the summery season consists of bold, FRUITY prints! Taking a look at the snap shot from my kitchen above, one might have thought that Stella McCartney had pinched her collection inspiration from inside my own home - but non! She just loves her vitamin C as much as I do.

But this post is not about my oranges, lemons and limes, it is about my lovely cerise-painted vintage butter dish - don't you just love!? Anther fab charity shop find, yup! x

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Going Italian in Germany

1. Me with mum waiting for food

2. Jackson pouring sparkling water

3. Mum's amazing gnocchi dish

4. My delicious pan fried fish and chutney dish

5. Jackson's succulent steak

I was a bit nervous when my mom said she was taking my brother and I to an Italian restaurant for lunch last weekend in Dusseldorf. It was my first meal out since I had arrived and my pre-conceived notions of German-Italian food were not pretty, or tasty. However, to my great delight we enjoyed some of the best Italian food I have ever had! At the moment I cannot recall the name of the restaurant, but as soon as it comes to me I will update this post incase any my dear readers find themselves in Dusseldorf in the near future. Mains ranged from 6-16 and house wine was priced 2.50 a glass - cheers! x

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Retro Summer Pimms

...Actually, make that Sangria - I'm not too keen on Pimms.

Don't you just lOove my retro pitcher set?? I bought it towards the end of the summer at a Charity Shop for £3.50 with the hopes of hosting more garden parties and being able to put it to good use. Unfortunately, lousy English summer weather meant no more parties and I had to pack it away in the cupboard.

On Thanksgiving Sunday I had two friends over for dinner and was determined to pull out and show off all of my best kitchen finds by putting them to use. Even though it was a small party of four, I picked out my four favourite glasses and filled the jug with Brita water for us all to enjoy throughout the evening. Party hosting success!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dreaming of Dusseldorf

Hallo! Joli Lapin posts have been lacking lately due to my lack of internet while away in Dusseldorf, Germany over the past few days. I have SO much to share from my trip! Dusseldorf is a wonderful city and I enjoyed tons of great food and found lots of fab things - such as this beyond cute vintage apron I found at an amazing little shop called Le Freak & Chic. If I ever attempt to make schnitzel at home, I'm sooo wearing this! Posts from my trip coming soon promis! x

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 10/10/10

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!!
Today I'm feeling very grateful to have so many great Canadians here in London with me, and thanking Dani and Hayley for hosting a fantastic Thanksgiving Pot Luck Party last night. Old friends, new friends and strangers all came together last night at a flat just off of Brick Lane to enjoy and celebrate our favourite holiday together. How lucky we were to be in a room filled with incredible chefs! All dishes were homemade and absolutely delicious! For staters we had stuffed mushrooms and an amazing, ginger-infused butternut squash soup. The main included all the much-loved traditional dishes - stuffing, roast chicken (couldn't get a Turkey ANYWHERE!), roast veg, candied yams and cranberry sauce. For dessert we enjoyed a crumble and pumpkin pie cheesecake thanks to Clara who performed a Thanksgiving miracle by tracking down the one and only can of pumpkin pie puree in all of the East End!
Wishing everyone back home and abroad a wonderful, and extra happy thanksgiving this year on 10/10/10! x

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vintage Vogue

Voila! My vintage Vogue mirror I found for £2!! Ooh what a happy day it was when I found this gem. Here it is sitting pretty atop my bedroom fireplace, it undoubtedly adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the room.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Housewife

Ooh I just love my original 1950s floral apron! I bought this from my local charity shop for something like £1.50 and it was new with original tags - amazing! It likes to hang out on my kitchen cupboard handle, sadly I usually forget to wear it while cooking... then I curse each time I stain my clothes, which is pretty much every time I cook. Darn! At least my lack of wear maintains its pristine condition.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Think I Hear The Rain

Little ballerina, please don't you fly away
Love me here forever. Oh why won't you stay?
My eyes are dark and twisted. My hair is in a mess
But you don't only love me when I am at my best

Keep close little darling, I think I hear the rain
My love for you just kills me. It's driving me insane
This is it my love. Our final hour has come
I'll hold you close in to me until the rain is done

Smile that little smile. Stick out that little tongue
There is no question to it. I know you are the one.

by Jackson Carroll

(aka my brother! Isn't this absolutely beautiful?)

Gorgonzola Gnocchi

Dieters beware! This is not the recipe for you. Non-dieting, stinky cheese-loving foodies listen up!

The days are getting shorter and colder - causing me to stop running and start eating warm, rich and comforting "Winter Meals." A bad combo, but oh well. Gnocchi served with a gorgonzola sauce has been a favourite dish of mine since I was a child. Now that I'm all grown up and have inherited the family recipe - I love the dish even more because it is always delicious and so easy to make! Perhaps you are seeking an easy recipe for a comforting homemade meal, or would like to serve a more sophisticated upgrade from your usual Mac N cheese at your next dinner party, either way try it out!

You will need...

1 x pack of gnocchi
1 x small single cream
1 x pack of gorgonzola cheese
pepper & spices to taste
olive oil

To begin, put a pot of unsalted water on the stove and bring it to a boil. While you are waiting, heat a pan over medium heat with a dash of olive oil. Once the pan is heated pour in the single cream and stir. if your water has come to a boil, add in the gnocchi and cook for approximately three minutes before straining. Heat the cream through (but don't let it boil) and add chunks of the gorgonzola. Stir in the cheese as it melts, add more according to taste. When the sauce starts to become richer, add in some fresh ground pepper and Italian spices.

Once the sauce is ready, mix in the cooked gnocchi. Ta Da! Finito! I usually serve my Gorgonzola Gnocchi with grilled sausages and a side of greens... delish!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Kitty's Kitchen

Isn't this vintage tea towel AMAZING!? Part of my second 2-for -£1 batch of vintage tea towels found at my favourite local charity shop, I think this one might be my fave so far even though they are all pretty great. This kitten is a definitely too good to get messy, I'd like to hang it up on the wall sometime soon.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

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Sunday Quiche From Scratch

Sleep in on a Sunday? No thanks! Well, actually, yes please but sadly I couldn't get back to sleep after I woke up early this morning. So what does one do when the boyf says to stop tossing and turning every 5 seconds? Leap out of bed, head to the kitchen and begin making a caramelised onion, roasted red pepper and goat cheese quiche from scratch of course!

Now now, this bunny does not take short cuts in the kitchen and tries her best to always usehealthy, fresh and organic ingredients - only the best! So to start, I begin making the wholemeal pie crust. For this I use...

1 1/4 cup - wholemeal spelt flour

1/2 cup - organic unsalted butter (soft)
1/8 cup - ice water
A pinch of salt

Add the flour, butter and salt into a bowl, then mix mix mix while adding in small dashes of water every so often. Once blended, the mixture should take on the form of bread crumbs and stick together when pinched. Roll it into a ball, slightly flatten into a disc shape, cover in cellophane and leave it to chill in the fridge for 30 mins.

Now onto the filling! For this I use...

1 - red onion, sliced

1 - large roasted red pepper. sliced
1/2 cup - soft goat's cheese
6 - organic eggs
Freshly ground pepper, a dash of sal and spices to taste

Begin by cooking the caramelised onions as they will need to cool before they are added in to the egg mixture. Heat a small pan with a bit of olive oil over medium heat, then add the sliced red onion. Toss the onions frequently, until they soften and brown - this should take about 20 minutes. Once finished, leave aside to cool and get on with the filling mixture. Crack all six egg into a medium to large-sized bowl and whisk whisk whisk! Add in some freshly ground pepper, a dash of salt and some spices (I used an Italian mix) to taste and stir in. Finely slice the roasted red pepper, break up the goat's cheese and stir in both to the mix, adding in the onions once cooled.

When the filling mixture is complete, remove the pastry from the fridge. Unwrap, place on a floured surface and roll it out until the disc is large enough to fit your pie dish. Lift and transfer into your dish carefully, you may have to use your hands to knead it fully into place. When the pastry is set in place, pour in the filling and pop it into the oven at 180C for 40 minutes!

I've only made this quiche recipe twice and it has turned out wonderfully both times, so you shouldn't have too much trouble! Today we enjoyed slices of fresh quiche with sides of smoked bacon, toasted olive bread and spring mix salad - delish!

Pretty Prints

Late yesterday afternoon I popped into one of my favourite local charity shops right before closing. Considering how well I did in there last weekend, I wasn't expecting to find much. Quickly scanning the rails nothing really stood out until I walked over to the homeware wall and found this little number sitting pretty!

I couldn't believe it was almost closing time and no-one had picked her up. Fortunately for me, I have polar opposite tastes to those who live in my area. The above is a casserole dish by the Broadhurst Bros Burslem from Stoke-On-Trent. Not sure if I can really use it to cook or not, but at least it will look nice hanging out in my kitchen.

...Perhaps she can play host to my sweet potato mash (topped with roasted marshmellows), the Canadian Thanksgiving classic that I plan to make next weekend!