Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Quiche From Scratch

Sleep in on a Sunday? No thanks! Well, actually, yes please but sadly I couldn't get back to sleep after I woke up early this morning. So what does one do when the boyf says to stop tossing and turning every 5 seconds? Leap out of bed, head to the kitchen and begin making a caramelised onion, roasted red pepper and goat cheese quiche from scratch of course!

Now now, this bunny does not take short cuts in the kitchen and tries her best to always usehealthy, fresh and organic ingredients - only the best! So to start, I begin making the wholemeal pie crust. For this I use...

1 1/4 cup - wholemeal spelt flour

1/2 cup - organic unsalted butter (soft)
1/8 cup - ice water
A pinch of salt

Add the flour, butter and salt into a bowl, then mix mix mix while adding in small dashes of water every so often. Once blended, the mixture should take on the form of bread crumbs and stick together when pinched. Roll it into a ball, slightly flatten into a disc shape, cover in cellophane and leave it to chill in the fridge for 30 mins.

Now onto the filling! For this I use...

1 - red onion, sliced

1 - large roasted red pepper. sliced
1/2 cup - soft goat's cheese
6 - organic eggs
Freshly ground pepper, a dash of sal and spices to taste

Begin by cooking the caramelised onions as they will need to cool before they are added in to the egg mixture. Heat a small pan with a bit of olive oil over medium heat, then add the sliced red onion. Toss the onions frequently, until they soften and brown - this should take about 20 minutes. Once finished, leave aside to cool and get on with the filling mixture. Crack all six egg into a medium to large-sized bowl and whisk whisk whisk! Add in some freshly ground pepper, a dash of salt and some spices (I used an Italian mix) to taste and stir in. Finely slice the roasted red pepper, break up the goat's cheese and stir in both to the mix, adding in the onions once cooled.

When the filling mixture is complete, remove the pastry from the fridge. Unwrap, place on a floured surface and roll it out until the disc is large enough to fit your pie dish. Lift and transfer into your dish carefully, you may have to use your hands to knead it fully into place. When the pastry is set in place, pour in the filling and pop it into the oven at 180C for 40 minutes!

I've only made this quiche recipe twice and it has turned out wonderfully both times, so you shouldn't have too much trouble! Today we enjoyed slices of fresh quiche with sides of smoked bacon, toasted olive bread and spring mix salad - delish!

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