Friday, February 18, 2011

Steam Dreams

Hooray!! I almost ripped an Evening Standard out of the hands of an old lady sitting across from me on the train last night - NOT because I'm a horrible person that doesn't respect the elderly, but because I was so excited to see my friend Ben and his little colourful baby steamers in a huge feature! I first met Ben at the last London Fashion Week and he very kindly gifted the ELLE fashion team with one of his aqua steamers. Before our very own Fridja steamer, we were stuck with huge, mal-functioning steamers form the 70s that were HELL to use on a daily basis, let along take on shoots. Now, thanks to his kind gift and incredible invention, we pack our little baby up and take it on shoots far and wide! Thank you Ben Fridja! And congrats on this amazing feature, you deserve it! Read the full article by clicking HERE!

Ps. Fridja steamers retail for a mere £99! So if you, like me, have always dreamt of owning your own steamer, well you should click HERE to buy one from the Fridja website, like, right now!

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