Sunday, February 27, 2011

Munchies at Mrs Marengo's

My BFF Rachel made a one-day pit stop in London on her way back to Montreal from her lovely week-long trip in Paris. J'adore that she came to visit, even if it was for just one day! We walked all over London town and (window) shopped til we almost dropped. Wearing heels on our day out together was a bad idea, to rest our sore soles, we stopped into Mrs. Marengo's in Soho for coffee and cake at tea time - it was delicious! Rachel had a fruity nut cake, which to Joli appeared far too healthy for a tea time choice, so opted for the lemon and pistachio slice - yum yum! Be sure to stop by when you're next in the neighborhood, click HERE for more info.


  1. Had never had a chance to go in before Saturday, but always thought it looked super cute and really good. I think I'm hooked now!