Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Little Fancy Birthday

1. Beautiful birthday lilacs

2. Meghan's hungry and Simon wants some too!

3. The birthday girl!

4. We were all taking pics not ignoring each other, I swear.

5. Cake and candles for Donna!

Last Wednesday, Torontonians gathered in Dalston to celebrate the 29th birthday of the lovely Donna. A Little of What You Fancy was the restaurant of choice for the evening, and I could not believe I had never notice such a gem of a place in the midst of the, well, ghetto (don't be upset Dalston, I do love you). The resto is situated on Kingsland Road and specializes in cooking authentic British food and selling fresh produce from local growers and suppliers. That's right, fresh food from local neighborhood gardens - you know how Joli feels about Urban Farming! The next time you find yourself hungry and wandering the streets of Dalston, I highly recommend stopping by and treating yourself to a little of what you fancy!

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